Missouri is home to 400 vineyards and over 130 wineries. Attend one of the many wine festivals in the state, or experience one of the Missouri wine trails. Celebration buses can get you there and back safely. If you hire a bus or limo, your trip will be personalized for you and your friends.


Every October, the Oktoberfest in Hermann, Missouri is a beloved tradition for thousands of people throughout the midwest. It’s time to celebrate a beautiful time of year in Missouri’s most beautiful town. Enjoy wine tasting at the local wineries or grab a beer at the brewery while dancing with the different bands or just relaxing on one of many hills.

We prefer to take care of your group but also offer single seats tickets. Typically we leave for Hermann about 10am and return by 6pm.  If your group has a private bus, we will cater to your times, wineries, music etc.  If you join one of our public buses, we typically stop downtown for a few hours then one other winery before returning.  If you hire a bus and are unable to fill your bus, we can offer single seats to individuals to offset your cost.  Our private buses run on an hourly rate, not a seat price.  We book for Oktoberfest beginning in January with bachelorette parties, so please don’t wait to reserve your bus. We may offer a discount on Sunday trips to open the opportunity for more groups to go.

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